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April 14, 2016
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April 14, 2016
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How much up- and down-time does your site have?

You and your website visitors want the website to be up for 100% of the time. For a number of reasons that might not happen. What do you think when you come across a website that is down? What do you think your website visitors think if your website was down? What do you think the search engines think about a site that is regularly down? Do you think that they want to send their users to your website if there is a high probability that it is down?

How can we help? We use a bot that checks your website every 1 minute to monitor its status. Each time that bot comes from a different server in a different country for better monitoring. We are alerted immediately your website is down. We check it for the reason. We wait a few minutes to re-check. If its still down we will honor your preference of either contacting you or contacting the host directly to get it fixed. In the monthly report we send you, you will know exactly what percent up-time you had during the month. You can then decide if your web host is reliable enough for your needs.

Our very first client, in the first 48hrs after taking them on, only had a 95% up-time which meant in that 48 hrs their website was down for almost 3 hours (not continuously, but in times of a few minutes to 10-15 minutes at a time). They did not even know this was occurring. They are now with another website host. In our experiences, in any one 24 hr period almost about 5% of the websites we monitor go down. Most of those websites have a up-time of greater than 99% for the month and that down time is only a matter of minutes. A few, we do need to contact the host to rectify and that can last for up to a few hours to several days (which did happen for one site we managed).

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