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April 4, 2016
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The Panama Papers and WordPress Hacks

First there was Wikileaks, then Edward Snowden and now its the Panama Papers. It is hard to not miss all the news and the impact that the leaking of the documents is having on many world leaders, politicians, celebrities and companies. This started with the Prime Minister of Iceland having to resign.

As revealed by WordDefence, the documents were obtained after the hackers got in due to a WordPress vulnerability. It was not exactly a major vulnerability and it was not exactly difficult to see how it happened, but the consequences to a lot of people from this hack is going to be serious. The documents that have been released did not come from the WordPress installation, but it was being able to hack into WordPress that gave the hackers the user details to the database and the email server of the firm.

Still think that your WordPress installation does not need protecting? I wonder what the people at Mossack Fonseca thought about security of their WordPress installation. LookAfterWP provides the services to protect your WordPress site.

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