Why do I need your services?
For peace of mind. So you are free to work on your business and not on monitoring your website. Prevention is better than a cure.
If you have ever been hacked before, then you know the ramifications and cost to recover. Our job is to make sure that this does not happen to you.
If you have ever had a server crash before and lost the website, then you know the ramifications and cost to recover. Our job is to make sure that this does not happen to you by taking daily back-ups.
Our job is to make sure a lot does not happen to you. We protect and monitor your site as well as enhance the performance (and monitor that).

Do you offer refunds?
No. We do the work that we are paid for. If you want to cancel, you can do so at anytime without obligation. Just go to Paypal and cancel the subscription. We will get an email from PayPal notifying us of the cancellation. There are no contracts, LookAfterWP is a month-to-month service.

What sort of reports do we get?
At the end of each monthly payment cycle we send a comprehensive report of all activities and actions. You will know exactly what we have done and what is going on with your site.

How much does your services cost?
You can see the cost at the bottom of the page here next to the subscribe form. We do invite you to compare the list of what we do with the price that we are charging with others who are offering a similar service.

What if we do not need all of the listed services provided, any discounts?
Unfortunately not. While we can do all the services that are listed, we will only do the ones that you require. We don’t offer a discount for doing less as our services are already discounted and many of the services are automated. Not doing all of the services does not reduce our cost of providing the service. If you have a lot of websites, then we are willing to negotiate over this. Contact us.

Do you have any alternative method of payment?
We can do options. We prefer PayPal as they can manage the monthly subscriptions and it keeps our costs down to manage this side of the business. This allows us to focus on the other side of the business and do what we do for the price that we do it at. However, if PayPal is a problem for you, please contact us and we can invoice you and offer alternative payment methods, but this will have to be done on an annual basis rather than a monthly basis.

What exactly do you do?

Daily back ups to the cloud of both system files and database files
Immediate update of WordPress core files and plugins as they become available
Checking compatibility of updates and resolving problems
Manage users
Daily scans looking for malicious codes, injections, altered files and hacks
Spam comment protection
Broken and old links checked for
Daily monitoring for search engine blacklisting
Monitoring of up time and responding promptly to any outages
Performance tweaks to speed up your site
Database optimization for best performance and speed
Monitoring of the Google Search Console and Google Analytic’s for any anomalies or problems
As Needed
Remove any hacks, injections and malicious codes
Repair code and fix conflicts that develop
Comment moderation, approval and removal
Spam and junk removal

How do you do that?
We will need admin access to your WordPress site to install a couple of plugins that connect through to our control panel where we can monitor your site, take the back ups, make the tweaks and take other actions as needed. If you want us to keep an eye on your Google Search Console and Google Analytics via our control panel then we will also need access to them. To resolve problems we may need access to the hosting cPanel. If you want us to resolve problems directly with your host, then we may need your host’s client area log in access. All of these are kept secure and only used by those who need to use them. If you cancel, they are deleted and we will no longer have them to access. We do take privacy seriously and, of course, we do take security seriously as that is the business that we are in.

Who is behind LookAfterWP?
Craig Payne started LookAfterWP to help other WordPress owners not have to go through what he went through. Craig manages a large number of his own and others web sites and with this increasing number of websites dealing with site downtime, hacks, malicious code installs, doing and checking back-ups, etc became a daily time consuming and stressful activity. It was time away from what he was really trying to do. He learnt an extraordinary amount solving all the problems and interacting with and using talented outsourcers to fix things. Many solutions and strategies were tested, developed and used to be more proactive in solving and preventing problems. A system was eventually set up that uses plugins to monitor websites via a central control panel so that all the services are in one place. After testing and refining on his own network, the decision was made to open it up and offer it more widely. LookAterWP was born out of that decision and we invite you to try it.
Craig lives in Australia and manages a team of outsourcers to run LookAfterWP in different time zones. One of Craig’s personal sites is here and this is his personal Facebook page.